The Mental Lentil Wrap

Organic house made red lentil meat + organic black beans + organic quinoa...


Home made cashew cheese and home made chipotle mayo!

Acai Bowl

all organic, all delicious

Take a Karmic bite out of the Karma Burger
GF Custom Pancakes!


Mental Lentil

...a choices Classic!

Biggie Burger on our 10 under 10 Menu!
Kind Slam w/ Blueberry Pancake!
Kind Slam!
Organic Pancakes!



Zero Cholesterol Plant-Based Proteins, High Levels of Anti-oxidants, Phytochemicals, Cleansing, Organics (non-pesticides), Non-GMO


Take comfort in our sustainability practices – recycling, composting, responsible dishware & to-go items. Plant based ingredients reduce environmental impact (vs animal based)


Since we are 100% Plant Based, you are guaranteed to reduce suffering


...Choices Cafe consistently ranks at the top when it comes to flavorsome range of organic, gluten-free and 100-percent-vegan options cannot go wrong with any of the food choices at the Café. The menu has loads of drool-worthy options including yummy daily breakfast items, salads, wraps, bowls, cold-pressed juices .... I had to visit Choices twice because just once was not enough. will find Choices, and boy do they offer you a ton of choices. You can choose anything from a bowl of quinoa or a wrap filled with goodness
Choices #vegan cafe in #miami is hella good #vegetarian (at Choices Cafe)
...I know I took forever to add Choices but they've become one of the best vegan spots in Miami
...Choices Cafe isn't your mama's vegan restaurant. This Miami eatery is determined to pound preconceived notions of vegetarians into the ground while plating delicious dishes.
...Choice Vegan Cafe menu includes organic juices, super smoothies, appetizers, wraps, burgers and sandwiches, pizzas and tacos, salads, soups and stews, sides, desserts and breakfast.
...It doesn’t matter if you’re a vegan or not, Choices is just a great restaurant. Its creativity combined with its light fare gives you a delicious, filling meal that will not weigh you down for the rest of your day
....Choices cafe brings healthy food options without losing flavor.
All ingredients used are organic, vegan, and ultimately healthy. But do not let that scare you away. My companion, a carnivore lover, was beyond satisfied. They also have a full juice and smoothie bar where you can choose from one of their many concoctions...When my wrap arrived, it was even more mouthwatering then I anticipated. The burst of flavors with a complementary special sauce satisfied my taste buds above and beyond.
...the “Mental Lentil” wrap online. I have to say, it was one of the most interesting wraps I’ve ever had...What an explosion of flavors!!! And talk about the protein punch this dish will give you with the lentils, black beans AND quinoa! I loved the subtle sweetness that the plantains gave the wrap.
...try the pixsa next time you are here, its kind of a vegan pizza, so delicious, and the desserts as well!
Voted 8th Best Vegetarian Restaurant in the Country -> Freshness is the order of the day at this downtown café. Organic juices and smoothies come in tempting blends such as Green Dinner (apple-kale-spinach-ginger-lemon), Sex A-Peel (apple-beet-cucumber-ginger), and CocoBliss (coconut-cacao-goji-almond butter-chia-agave). Pair yours with a salad, wrap, or sandwich also bursting with good-for-you grains, fruits, and vegetables—and come back over the weekend for the make-your-own-pancakes brunch.
looks too good to be healthful. The "mental lentil" collard wrap ($16) at Choices Café is crammed with black beans, lentils, onion, pico de gallo, bell pepper, avocado, plantain, and vegan cheese. Collard greens replace the wheat tortilla. The wrap is vibrant, its colorful filling stacked like sand art in a bottle.
4.7 / 5.0 Offers organic, vegan, and healthful foods. Besides being the production facility for all meals sold at the various Choices cafes, it is also the springboard for all special entrees. The dining is communal, highlighting a plate of the day in tune with the seasons. A retail section features cold-pressed beverages, house-made dressing, and eco-friendly home products. Free wi-fi. Opened Apr 2014


Choices Cafe- Build a Sustainable Plant Based Business Utilizing the Finest High Quality Organic Ingredients – Serving Customers in Multiple Convenient Locations in Miami Dade County





  • Lori Zito
    Lori ZitoPresident

    Lori Zito – made the choice to live a vegan life over 7 years ago, when she decided that her love for animals could no longer allow her to eat them. She then learned about the health benefits of a plant-based diet, as well as the planetary implications. Lori is certified in plant based nutrition through eCornell, as a holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and is a registered yoga instructor. She believes that we each have the power within us to be healthy, by making better choices with the foods we eat and the life we live, and if we all take the initiative, we can become a nation that exemplifies preventative health, personal well-being, and compassionate, sustainable living.

  • Alex Cuevas
    Alex CuevasFounder

    Alex Cuevas, a vegan for over 28 years, prides himself on thriving on a sustainable plant based diet. His passion for the vegan lifestyle and lack of plant based choices [i.e. restaurants] led to many stay home dinners & practice in the kitchen through the years. This passion evolved into a desire to share his culinary experiences with the world. Alex, also a Yale graduate with a degree in computer science with 15 years’ experience in systems management, processes and executive leadership, leads the charge in bridging guidance & technology into the Choices family of restaurants to deliver on high quality plant-based organic food.


  • Rose Flynn
    Rose FlynnDirector of Operations

    Rose came late to a career in the food business. Six years ago when her son finished college and she was able to semi-retire, she began exploring the possibility of a second career that inspired her heart and spoke to her true mission in life. Looking to expand possibilities she came to Choices Cafe at their original Brickell location in 2013 and was hired as a dishwasher. Later, she became the daytime juicer/smoothie maker, was trained as a line cook and advanced to Supervisor/General Manager. Choices has grown since then and Rose now plays a major part as the Kitchen Manager at one of Choices’ three locations on NW 27th Ave called Choices Kitchen. She is committed to Choices’ mission of consciousness and humility in daily human choices.

  • Eduardo Pazos
    Eduardo PazosDirector of Strategic Projects
    Reluctant and nervous to go from a standard, American, omnivorous diet, to committing to a completely ethically vegan lifestyle for the rest of his life, Eduardo decided to try a 30-day vegan challenge for the month of April in 2011, to see how he took to veganism. He reached May 1st and has never looked back.
    After more than 4 years as a vegan, Eduardo’s mother asked him when he was “going to stop will all this vegan silliness,” to which he replied “I’ve already stopped my vegan silliness. I’ve moved on to vegan seriousness.”


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It's #meatlessmonday...have fun with your food! And keep it cruelty free 👊
This combo of a karma burger 🍔 + mac n cheese was created by @vegan_thor!
#meatless #burgerlove #macncheese #burger #wearethesumofourchoices #choosemeatless #vegan #veganfoodshare #govegan #plantpowered #animalliberation #noanimalsharmed #whatveganseat
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Its #meatlessmonday...have fun with your food! And keep it cruelty free 👊
This combo of a karma burger 🍔 + mac n cheese was created by @vegan_thor! 
#meatless #burgerlove #macncheese #burger #wearethesumofourchoices #choosemeatless #vegan #veganfoodshare #govegan #plantpowered #animalliberation  #noanimalsharmed #whatveganseat

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Look at these amazing works of art! Big thanks to Robbie P Robbie for guiding this crew to create their masterpieces!
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Great job to those who came to the painting class, these lovely artworks completed in just 3 hours. I hope you guys had fun. Thanks to Choices Cafe - Vegan / Raw Vegan / Organic for hosting the event ...

Look at these amazing works of art! Big thanks to Robbie P Robbie for guiding this crew to create their masterpieces!

Choices Cafe - Vegan / Raw Vegan / Organic shared an event.

Don't forget to reserve your spot this Sunday! Painting, brunching, and going home with a hand-crafted piece of artwork...the perfect way to spend an afternoon! Make sure you get your ticket on eventbrite to secure a space!
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Brunch & Paint

April 23, 2017, 12:00pm

Choices Cafe Coconut Grove

Join local artist Robbie Nuwanda as he guides you to create your very own version of the image above. You'll learn techniques such as blending, dark to light contrast, different brush strokes, an unde...

Brunch & Paint

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