Choices Reviews & Awards

Public praise for the practical principles and pleasing plates proliferate at Choices. The sincerity of the ethical heart of the café has led to lasting success and loyalty from customers. They laud the café in person, in their internet reviews, and more importantly in their referrals to friends and family. Because people care about the caring, the business grow exponentially through the coupling of sound business habits.


Choices has been fortunate to be recognized for various awards of distinction:

2012: New Miami Times Best Vegan Restaurant

2013: Travel & Leisure Top 20 Vegetarian Restaurants in the Country

2013: Inc. Magazine Top 15 Job Creators in the Food Service Industry

2014: New Miami Times Best Vegan Restaurant

Below are some sample internet comments from customers:

“This restaurant is an excellent alternative to traditional restaurant cuisines. Their ingredients are fresh and imaginative, the atmosphere is very friendly, and the results are delicious”

“SO good! I am not by any means a vegan or vegetarian but I love a good healthy place to eat while traveling as much as I do. I was ready for some organic juices, salads and something new to try. By the waitress suggestion, I had the “Mental Lentil” and that has to be tastier than ANY burrito I’ve ever had in my life and the portions are huge. It was pretty pricey, but when you are eating organic, we all know it costs a bit more. However, I was left with a whole half to take with me and I’m STILL full. Cute place, little hard to find but worth it when you do locate it. I will come back when I am in Miami again. YUMMMY!”

“This delightful little cafe is a hidden gem in Miami. You don’t have to be Vegan or vegetarian to enjoy good food, well prepared and pleasantly presented. Went to Choices on a Thursday evening. Enjoyed sharing a number of entrees with my dinner companion. Mentil Lentil Burrito, Insane Bell Pepper Taco and La Pixsa. Each entree was beautifully presented, the dishes were so creative, flavors were wonderfully surprising and very well balanced.”

“Even a non-Vegan loved it! I went for dinner last week with a friend who is a vegan. The food was outrageous, even for me, a non-vegan. My vegan friend said it was the best vegan food she has ever eaten. I enjoyed it as well. I had the Chipotle Walnut wrap; she had the Jicama Salad w/ Papaya. Prices are reasonable too. We will be back, the next time we are in Miami.”

“Highly recommend Choices! Had the Raw Wrap (delicious) followed by the Peanut Butter Brownie with Ice Cream (exquisite)! GREAT PLACE! And the people who work there are really, really nice people! This place has heart AND great food! GO!!! :D”

The Choices founders recognized that solid business habits would ensure that the small company thrives. They established four pillars that formed the foundation of the Café’s rapid rise to triumph: Quality, Service, Cleanliness, & Speed. Each of these virtues shapes the operational tenets managing, monitoring and improving. Every staff member is required to comprehend, accept and adhere to these expectations in order to succeed in their employment.

The growth of the business is quite remarkable considering all the impediments that would have otherwise seemed insurmountable. Indeed, the real remarkable success story of the café is that such a specialized and nonmainstream menu still prospered despite the inadequate location of the restaurant, the poor conditions of the place, the tiny size of the space and the management of the fledgling business by owners who were newbies to the restaurant industry. Whereas anyone would have predicted devastation, the brothers surmounted every challenge with aplomb and a steadfast composure fueled by a mission that guided their dedication. News articles, web logs and TV interviews continue to be fascinated by both their business and their history. Their story continues to be a true tale of success hard won through industriousness.