If you have been reading our blog, you know by now that one of the most common foods missing in the Standard American Diet is DARK LEAFY GREENS! But even with the knowledge, it can be tough to consume enough of these nutrient packed leaves in our diet. When we look at Chimpanzees, we see that they have no problem taking in a high amount of greens. These guys spend the majority of their day swinging from tree to tree while chewing and breaking down the cell wall of the greens, to release the nutrients and make them digestible.

If we had that kind of leisure time, and tried to force feed ourselves a large quantity of greens, even if our gag reflex didn’t kick in first, we would be left with a very upset stomach, and we still wouldn’t have received the optimal benefit from all the good stuff locked in the cell walls of these plant powerhouses. So what’s the solution to this dilemma… blended greens (aka Green Smoothies)! The blending breaks down the cell wall and releases all the good stuff, so we don’t have to do the work. This leaves us with extra energy as less digestive processes are expended, and gives us a feeling of strength and vitality due to the potent nutrients we are taking in.

Green smoothies have changed the changed the game of our ability to feed our body healing foods. And you can find these magical concoctions at all Choices Cafe: Smoothie menu

The history of blended greens actually goes as far back as 40 years ago, when Dr. Ann Wigmore healed herself from colon cancer through this very technique. She also went on to open and run a health retreat where she healed many more people. She was unfortunately killed in a fire at her retreat center at age 84. Had she lived out her life until her natural death, it would have been interesting to see how long she could have lived. At the age of 84, she was fast paced and full of energy, surviving on only 2 hours of sleep per night (that’s all she needed!), and she still had a full head of natural, dark brown hair until her untimely death!

She attributed all this to the power of blended greens. In fact, the wheat grass shots that are so popular today were actually discovered by this forward thinking lady almost half a century ago. Sadly, her name, and her countless stories of changing lives through the healing power of greens, are rarely heard of.

Start 'em Young

Good boy… now finish yer greens…