As the summer season approaches, many of us go into ‘temporary cleanse mode’ to get beach ready. Cleanses are an excellent way to detoxify and jump start your health, but what’s even more important than the cleanse is what you do AFTER. Consistency and maintenance of healthy habits are the keys to long term health and wellness. If you’ve recently completed a cleanse – congrats – the hard part is over. Now you can continue down this path to better health by just keeping the following essential points in mind for your best detox and post cleanse habits:

1. Keep a high amount of fiber in you diet. Fiber is good for your heart, helps keep blood sugar levels stable, and it plays an important role in colon health by relieving painful and toxic conditions such as constipation. The colon is a breeding ground for both good and bad bacteria. Chronic constipation is unhealthy because toxins are formed and absorbed when waste remains in the intestines. High fiber foods also have been linked to lower cancer rates, especially colon and breast cancer. In addition, foods high in fiber are also high in micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and flavanoids. The high fiber levels of whole, unprocessed plant foods means they also are low in calories, which helps reduce our body fat and keep our blood sugar under control. Fiber is present in all plant foods, and is completely absent in animal foods (this means meat, dairy, eggs, and fish). So this principle should be simple to follow: fill your plate with more plants, and less animals…

2. Maintain your hydration. Drink one or two glasses of warm, or room temp, water first thing in the morning. Add some fresh lemon juice to get that extra ‘colon cleansing’ boost. Stay in the habit of drinking most of your water between meals, and about 15 minutes prior to meals. Dehydration is a very common cause of food cravings, so don’t let this simple mistake get the best of you. Stay hydrated!!

3. Keep it simple. Don’t make your meals too complicated. Stick to simple, whole-foods based recipes. This will be easier on your digestion, which will allow improved energy conservation for other important metabolic processes. Also, it makes for much easier to follow recipes!
A happy Detox Girl

4. Practice the 80/20 rule. Be good 80% of the time. Eat a healthy diet, but don’t fully deprive yourself of the things you enjoy. This will most likely lead to eventual bingeing. But don’t go overboard with this one either. For example, when dining out, if you are presented with lots of pre-dinner bread, full-bodied wine, and decadent desserts…choose just one. Treat yourself to the one that you will enjoy the most. This way, you can have a pleasurable dinner and still be able to look at yourself in the mirror the next day without remorse! Don’t forget to check out Choices Cafe if you are in Miami for lots of guilt free desserts!

“You are the embodiment of the information you choose to accept and act upon. To change your circumstances you need to change your thinking and subsequent actions.” ~Adlin Sinclair