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Interested in doing a juice detox with raw food but don’t know much about it. Read on! Raw food is basically a food that has not been heated over 118 degrees Fahrenheit. To be safe, raw foods should be limited to plant foods. Raw foods are superior to cooked because they contain live enzymes. When food is heated above 118 degrees, these enzymes are destroyed.

Enzymes are responsible for every metabolic process in our bodies from digestion to healing. Nature provides us with these enzymes in our food to do the bulk of the digestive work for us, so we can utilize our bodies’ energy for much more important processes, such as having fun and doing what we love! When we consume living foods, with these enzymes intact, the food basically digests itself.

When we cook our food we often destroy up to 100% of these enzymes. That means that the body often cannot digest all the fats or carbohydrates ingested, and so they are stored in the body, thus leading to weight gain. Raw foods are also nutrient rich, and packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Just like the enzymes, many of these precious nutrients are destroyed when cooked, thus rending the food nutritionally inferior. When you consume the juice of raw fruits and vegetables, highly concentrated vitamins, minerals and enzymes rapidly enter the bloodstream absorbing all of their nutritional benefits, and giving your digestive organs a much- needed rest. No energy needs to be used to break down and digest the food. Thus the energy saved can then be diverted to detoxification and healing processes. Essentially, juicing is akin to flooding your body with HIGH LEVEL nutrition.


We can all agree that periodic deep cleaning is a very important practice. We don’t give a second thought to cleaning the spaces we live in, yet most of us don’t even think about cleaning our internal home. For those who already eat a fairly ‘clean’ diet, the question may then be is cleanse is really necessary? Aren’t our bodies designed to take care of this stuff for us already? If we are healthy, shouldn’t they be handling all this ‘detox’ stuff for us?

The answer to these inquiries is yes… and no. If we ate a perfect diet, and lived in a perfect world, the answer would be a resounding yes. Our digestive tract would be running smoothly, with not a speck of build up along its course, and our liver and intestines would be plugging along with ease. But the reality is that most of us don’t eat a perfect diet, and we all certainly don’t live in a perfect world.

No matter how much we try to protect ourselves from toxins, the environment exposes us to them in the form of smog, pollution, and radiation. We are bombarded with toxins through high stress lifestyles, lack of exercise, eating on the run, and not enough sleep. Our food is often full of toxins, most evident in processed products. When you cleanse, you allow your digestive system to finally get a well deserved rest, so the healing can take place. So much of our daily energy is expended through digestion. And the more processed foods we eat, the more energy is wasted.

When we nourish our body with a clean diet of fresh juices, we leave abundant extra energy for the liver to get to work and do a clean sweep. The key to a well- planned detox is to decrease the toxic load, while at the same time providing the body with ample nutrients so it can function properly to eliminate the toxins. The nutrition provided must be readily available, so little to no energy is wasted on digestion.

A thorough cleanse has three objectives: to clean, to rest, and to balance. By the completion of a cleanse you should feel light, full of energy, well- rested, and joyful. In a world where we are exposed to more environmental toxins and pollutants than ever in history, the need to detoxify on a regular basis has become a prerequisite for optimal health for everyone.



Far and away, there is one common denominator sadly lacking in the Standard American Diet …leafy greens! Leafy greens are very high in chlorophyll, which is basically ‘liquid sunshine’. We all know how good it feels to bathe ourselves in sunshine externally, so imagine how much our bodies would love it if we bathed ourselves with sunshine internally! Chlorophyll cleanses and heals our internal organs, and helps to destroy the bad stuff, such as bacteria, pathogens, fungus, and even cancer cells. Chlorophyll is also rich in oxygen. Having more oxygen in the blood translates to improved endurance and an overall reduction in fatigue.

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Good bacteria thrive in the presence of oxygen, and bad bacteria thrive where there is little oxygen. Many people believe that the dominance of this bad, anaerobic bacteria is the driving force behind most disease. Bad bacteria is also fueled by a poor diet, antibiotics, over-eating, and stress. Since these things are so common in our lives, we need to get enough oxygen-rich chlorophyll in our diet to counter act the damage. Leafy greens are also plentiful in vitamins and minerals – especially iron, calcium (yes, calcium… even more than dairy!), folic acid, and vitamin K. Aside from all that, a prime reason why leafy greens are so healing is that they promote alkalinity in our body.

Just like a swimming pool, our bodies need to maintain a safe pH level of about 7.3 – 7.4, meaning that we need to be in a mild state of alkalinity to be at optimal health. The SAD diet, as well our high stress and low exercise lifestyles, are typically very acid producing. Alkaline-forming foods are: green vegetables, fresh herbs, seeds, sprouts and low- sugar fruits. Acid-forming foods are: processed foods, high-sugar foods, meat, caffeine, alcohol, and dairy products.

Many of these acidic foods are the ‘standard’ for much of the population. And since our bodies can’t function outside of the optimal pH range, the body will constantly make adjustments to maintain a state of alkalinity, even if we are providing it with acidic foods and lifestyles. All of our body’s internal mechanisms, such as circulation, digestion, and even breathing, are constantly working hard to keep this pH balance. If our body gets out of balance we lay the groundwork for illness and disease.

Eventually, our blood cannot balance the acid overload anymore and excess acid is dumped into our tissues. One way the body buffers acidity is by producing fat cells. Another way is by leaching calcium, an alkaline mineral, from the bones. So you can easily see how an acidic diet can result in weight gain and/or osteoporosis! It has also been theorized that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment, but it thrives in acidic one. Common external symptoms of an over-acidic system are fatigue, flu and colds, headaches, skin problems, and allergies. The longer we remain in this acidic, unbalanced state, the harder our body must work to neutralize it.

Where can I get fresh juice / cold press juices?

Where can i get fresh juice / cold press juices?

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