Think for a moment of a food from your past, one that makes you feel great after you eat it for no specific reason. Maybe it is macaroni and cheese, your grandmother’s tomato sauce, or chocolate chip pancakes. Eating comfort foods can be incredibly healing, even though your rational brain might not consider it highly nutritious.

Food has the power to impact us on a level deeper than just our physical well-being. What we eat can reconnect us to precious memories, like childhood play-times, first dates, holidays, our grandmother’s cooking or our country of ancestry. Our bodies remember foods from the past on an emotional and cellular level. Eating this food connects us to our roots and has youth promotion and nurturing effects that go far beyond the food’s biochemical make-up.

Acknowledging what different foods mean to us is an important part of cultivating a good relationship with food. It’s important to notice that we each have a relationship with food, and that this relationship is often far from loving. Many of us restrict food, attempting to control our weight. We often abuse food, substituting it for emotional well-being. Others ignore food, swallowing it whole before we’ve even tasted it.

What would your life be like if you treated food and your body as you would treat someone that you loved – with communication, honesty, respect? If you follow this mantra, you will naturally choose foods that are good for your body, and your soul.


Feeling the need to be comforted by your food? Listen closely to what your body is telling you – perhaps it’s in need of some healthy carbohydrates and fats. How about some organic, dairy-free Mac n’ Cheese?

Feeling a strong sugar craving? Perhaps you have a blood sugar instability and your body needs some blood sugar stabilizers such as chia seeds; grab a raw date ball, packed with chia, dates, coconut and flax.

Feeling like you’re a bottomless pit, and you can’t seem to feel full no matter what you eat? Perhaps your body is nutrient-starved. If you’re filling up on junk food that is devoid of nutrition, your intuitive body will keep that hunger signal switched on until you give it what it needs. Try a nutrient-rich Mental Lentil, bursting with protein-rich organic lentil meat and quinoa, antioxidant-rich pico de gallo, and heart-healthy avocado.

Try listening to your body, asking it how it feels, and then eating with awareness, and without guilt.

At Choices Cafe, we believe strongly in conscious eating; we hope you enjoy your meals while dining with us, and we satisfy your hunger, in your stomach and spirit.