Sometimes a ‘superfood’ can be as simple as an everyday fruit…
One of our favorite healing foods is a very common citrus fruit…the lemon! The lemon is an unsung hero when it comes to the health benefits it can provide us. And although most of us won’t want to slice open a lemon and nosh on it for breakfast, we can still ingest its healing properties in a simple cup of warm lemon water every morning. Just lightly heat some filtered water, squeeze in the juice of half a lemon, and sip away!

One of the biggest benefits of warm lemon water is that it serves as a digestive aid. Drinking lemon juice with warm water helps to eliminate waste within the body. When lemon interacts with the digestive tract, it cleanses the system and allows food to digest properly, partly by assisting the liver to produce more bile. Lemon acts as a blood purifier and as a cleansing agent, and it can aid in constipation. For this reason, you may find that you have to use the bathroom soon after you drink your lemon water, as it tends to ‘clean you out’. So it’s best to drink this little concoction BEFORE you head out for work!

Lemon water also is known to reduce high blood pressure, assist in asthma and respiratory ailments, reduce rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, cure throat infections, and reduce fevers!
Wheewww….now if all that doesn’t convince you to drink your lemon water, we don’t know what will!!!

Due to the fact that warm lemon water helps with digestion, it also assists with losing weight faster. By eliminating waste products, the body releases toxic build up and thus the weight loss process is accelerated. In order to begin weight loss, the body must first cleanse itself of the unnatural products and accumulated toxins. Once this cleansing has occurred, the body can begin to lose fat.
Another bonus is that drinking lemon water is a wonderful beauty aid. The vitamin C contained in the lemon rejuvenates the skin, and can improve complexion. Lemon is a natural antiseptic, and so when you consistently drink warm lemon water, you may notice less breakouts, and even minimization of wrinkles.

Start 'em Young

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