About our Company: The scrumptious, savory and filling entrées at Choices are influenced by traditional Latin/Mexican flavors, but the inspiration for the recipes is global. The café prides itself by offering fusion versions of modern American staples such as wraps, bowls, soups and salads, while still including ubiquitous worldly offerings such as mushroom quesadillas and insane tacos! Exotic tastes have resulted in a broad menu that embraces Latin American spices like cayenne chili and cumin, or delicacies like chipotle peppers, and even Indian and Asian essences, such as curry-enhanced or ginger-miso-infused stews.

Yes, other eateries do sometimes offer alternatives for customers seeking vegetarian selections. True, there are still a few vegan restaurants left in town. Certainly cold-pressed juices and smoothies are becoming commonplace. Still, only Choices brings together such a wide range of organic, gluten free, 100% vegan options. Choices Café treats food, beverages, desserts and snacks as a wholesome unity under one roof to inspire customers to recognize its innate goodness.

Choices continually serves healthy, delicious, and compassionate foods. A solid reputation for being a values-inspired business has garnered awards, news, magazine, and television accolades and a local customer loyalty. Even so Choices exists and thrives really just because the meals and drinks are always so yummy.

The cafe features a wide variety of options for other dietary considerations. Indulgences such as house-made delectable dairy free cheesecakes and gluten free chocolate chip cookie, are proudly served for the dessert connoisseur. Alternatives are available for folks with the increasingly common food sensitivity, such as gluten free pancakes for breakfast and brunch. As modern preferences now crave dishes which are “nut free,” “soy free,” etc., Choices Cafe stays ahead of the trend by having already developed allergy-attentive meals to satisfy even the most meticulous palates. For anyone seeking libations for their entourage, the bar at Choices Café Coconut Grove serves fine, organic, vegan wine, beer, sake and other carefully-selected flavorsome booze to impress friends and family with compassionate distillery.

In fact, Choices takes commitment to green and plant-based eating to another level. Meals are packed in eco-friendly containers made of recycled or compostable materials used to return nutritional goodness back to the Earth. The cafes use safe and natural cleaning products and encourage conscious eating through posters that explain the nourishing quality of their ingredients. All water for drinking, cooking and washing is purified. Food quality is assured by cooking techniques that retain nourishing features of the vegetables, grains, legumes or other produce brought fresh from farms every week.