Choices Birth Story

By Alex Cuevas, April 2011

The Ganesh Story – Several weeks ago, I was doing my routine meditation on the sand here in Miami Beach, followed by prayer, asking the universe / God – help me resonate with my true purpose. I asked to be given clarity on how I could manifest my true purpose. This request is something I meditated for in earnest since the beginning of the year [2011] when I began “meditating”. Note – I had been doing the chanting of “Ah” and “Om” during these meditative sessions to help me stay in a meditative state. It was early AM, and I had just completed my meditation session- I commenced my barefoot jog on the Miami Beach sand.
As I was almost wrapping up my 30 min run, I looked down casually, and protruding from the sand was a huge spike of some kind. I quickly slammed on the brakes as I was about to step on it and impale my poor bare foot! I squat down and picked up the spike, and pulled out a (brass?) figurine on a long chain. I had no clue what it was but I brought it back with me. I sent my friend Lori a camera snap shot of it, and she said, I think that is Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. I got the chills and acknowledged the universal message…not knowing exactly what that meant – but I had recognized in my head that my biggest obstacles toward fulfilling a life dream of operating a vegan restaurant were: 1) Living in NY and Miami, 2) My “loyalty” to my friend & business partner at the present company I work for 3) a commitment towards helping him grow his company, 4) my biggest fear- the fear of failure and 5) loss of certainty (income).
The following week, I was forced to let go of NY due to the financial constraints two rents began to put on me – later my shipped boxes arrived in Miami and with that, one obstacle was removed. Later that weekend I was “fooling around” and I put the Ganesh necklace on… a few days later, I felt subconsciously compelled to remove another major obstacle – an honest communication with my business partner. We sat down. I explained to him what I believe to be my life’s destiny – I explained to him that people are dying, animals are suffering on a massive industrial scale, our earth is being depleted, and the major factor in this, is a human system with a lack of consciousness from those oppressing, and from people-notyet-aware. There is a lack of information on the atrocities of factory farming and lack of insight to proper nutrition. I MUST change this; therefore, I have to leave our company and open a vegan café.
To my surprise, my business partner did not get upset at me for telling him I was going to step away, but rather he asked if I needed an investor in the new restaurant. Ganesh removed the obstacles? Coincidence? Perhaps… but I will choose to believe that it was the universe providing assistance in overcoming my own barriers so that I may be able to resonate with purpose. My other fears of failure / uncertainty – are no longer. For I have accepted minimalist philosophy of material goods for a greater purpose. And I will leave my own fate up to God.
…Onward then…. Destiny is set in motion – the veggie flag of consciousness will be raised.
Choices Café will be born in Miami.