Looking for a healthy meal for families with babies, toddlers and young children? We love kids!  The good news is that parents with infants and small children will love the organic nature of Choices menu! Feed your tykes, kids and youngsters of all ages tasty treats, luscious smoothies and hearty meals filled with natural, wholesome ingredients, like our açaí bowl, made fresh, blended with banana and coconut milk, with granola and more bananas on top or the side as you choose the right sweetness for your family. Invite grandparents and other family members to also come along to enjoy classic and traditional plates with the kids as well, such as pancakes, burritos or burgers. Savor our unique popular and classic espresso drinks and unique latte beverages with healthy ingredients such a ginger, while your children and adolescents revel with their specific smoothies or daily dessert options. A favorite eatery so many little darlings and the youth alike, your child and entire family will relish the veggie and fruit-filled wonders Choices offers.

Choices Café continues to appeal to so many families who wish to return to more natural ways of eating: pesticide-free, cooked or raw, plant-rich and above all delicious. Always delivering nourishing eats with plenty of options for their breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinners, or even supper, our fare is consistently a feast of appetizing alternatives enticing the young and old alike with flavorsome delights. Your little ones, whether preschoolers or older, will appreciate having so many Choices on how they wish their meals. As a caregiver for infants, you’ll relish having someone else make your food your way: smart, healthful, balanced and delicious. Whether you prefer a bowl or a wrap, legume or nut enriched, savory or luscious, fermented or fresh, with sides or without, everyone will love having Choices their way. While there, ask about special options, such as tacos or the soup of the day.

Even the setting is perfect for a family outing! Stroll through Miami’s beautiful Coconut Grove while you are there to marvel at the wonderful shops. Plan a picnic at the beautiful Peacock Park right across the street from Choices Café, or exercise the whole family right before the meal by a short sprint or run through Myers Bayside Park. Take your kids out to the local playgrounds with a meal that compliments a healthy lifestyle. Let your body, heart, tummy and mind be filled with the special love of having so many positive Choices!

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Build your own wrap or bowl. Choose a base, then add a plant based protein, two veggies, sauce and vegan cheese.

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Who doesn’t love burgers?! We’ve got a plant-powered burger for every palate!

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Our burritos are guest favorites. Build your own, or try one of our classics.

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 Taco Sliders, La Pixsa, Quesadillas…Trust us – these dishes have stood the test of time for a reason.



We’ve got it all, from mac’ cheese, to hand-cut fresh baked fries, and homemade daily soups.

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All of our house-made desserts are made fresh on site, and are 100% gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free.

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 We serve our organic smoothies and acai bowls all day every day. 

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Our gluten-free, custom-made pancakes have a cult following, and for good reason.

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Organic, fair-trade coffee, espresso, teas, and specialty lattes. Available all day.